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The life-saving power of AI


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Endoscopic AI assistant

Advanced technology and a specially developed algorithm on MAIA HW make the doctor’s job more efficient. It can re-identify findings and simplify administration work by creating a final report.

Real Time

Works in real time, so the doctor can act immediately.


Can be connected to any endoscope on the market.


Safe And Secure

Works offline as well as online with a remote access.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Our hardware is based on cutting-edge technology (the architecture of AI modules in autonomous cars), but at the same time remains economically affordable even for small practices.

Moreover, it has 10 times lower power consumption than similarly powerful solutions.

The power of self-learning

A new way of learning that doesn’t require labeled pictures. MAIA has new capabilities not previously possible, speeding up examinations and improving patient safety.


Detection of lesions and polyps



Recording, Smart Editing and
playback from any device


Classification of findings,
Optical histology


Medical report

Final report of findings including their type, size and picture

Much more...


Measures size

Automatic measurement of
polyps and lesions


Monthly overview of findings, duration of examinations, and the quality of findings


More people have access to medical care


Higher quality of examinations

Save up to 20% of a doctor's time


The experienced team behind successful AI applications for transportation and industry.
We want to bring modern and proven technologies from industry to healthcare.

Michal Hradis

Michal Hradis


Lukas Loun

Lukas Loun

CEO, Founder

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Petr Musil


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